Rental General terms and conditions


The following conditions apply to rentals of properties advertised on this website.  The rentals are contracts between Apart Adam (referred to as ‘The Company’), representative of the owner of properties advertised on this website, and all property renters (referred to as ‘The Client’). All conditions and rentals are subject to Dutch Law.


Company details;

Apart Adam

Postal address: Herengracht 361, 1016 BB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 6 4807 1037

Chamber of Commerce registry: 62970313

Bank Account:

IBAN: NL90RABO0190588497


Bank Details:

Rabobank Rijn en Veenstromen

Bozenhoven 93

3641 AD Mijdrecht



In order for The Client to facilitate a successful reservation, each booking requires a deposit equaling 50% of the total gross value of the booking requested. Full payment of Bookings is due 28 days prior to arrival. Bookings made within 28 days prior to arrival must be paid in full at the time the reservation is requested.


Payment of the deposit must be made using a credit card at the time of the booking request, with full payment due upon arrival. On arrival the balance may be settled by credit card or cash.


Please note that the reservation will not be confirmed until the appropriate pre-payment amount has been presented to the above bank account. Once this criteria has been fulfilled, The Client will be sent a confirmation email by The Company.


Whilst The Company does its upmost to maintain accuracy and check details wherever possible, The Company cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise.


If the above mentioned payment amounts are not paid in full when they are due, The Company has the right to cancel the requested reservation and any received part-payments will be forfeited.




Where bookings are made through third party websites the conditions under which they have been made prevail over the conditions stated here, especially those relating to payments and cancellation.




All rates and prices are in EUR and must be paid in EUR. VAT is included only when explicitly stated and is either 9% or 21%.


City tax is applicable to all reservations. City tax is 10% (2023) of the ex VAT amount. This is not included in the rates unless explicitly mentioned.


Linen and towels are included in the stated rates. Weekly cleaning and changing of linen is included in reservations of more than 10 nights.




A security deposit must be made prior or at the point of check-in using a credit card authorization completed by The Client. If needed, the security deposit can be used for:

–         Compensation in relation to cancellations.

–         Payment of open balance.

–         Payment of repairs if damage was caused to the accommodation or its contents, in addition to a 50 EUR (inc. VAT) administration charge.

–         Cleaning, when apartment has not been left in a clean state at check out.

–         Fines in relation to disturbing the quiet enjoyment of neighbors.

–         Fines in relation to smoking in the apartment.

–         Guest negligence regarding keys, fire alarms, reporting damage/flooding, etc.

In such case where no charges against the security deposit have been made, the credit card authorization will be destroyed. In such case where charges are made against the security deposit, the credit card authorization will be charged for the costs incurred.



Please note that the prepayment is non-refundable (including instances of force majeure). The fees relating to our cancellation policy are dependent on the following notice periods given:

–         Less than 28 days prior to arrival: 50% is refunded of the total accommodation cost.

–         Less than 14 days prior to arrival: 25% is refunded of the total accommodation cost.

–         Less than 7 days prior to arrival or cancellation without prior notice:  0% refund entitlement where it has not been possible to rent the apartment to third party for any of the requested period.

–         Where it has been possible to rent the apartment to a 3rd party for all or part of the requested period, The Client may be entitled to a partial or 100% refund.


In the event that The Client requests alterations in arrival and/or departure dates, it will be considered as a new reservation and will be subject to the aforementioned cancellation conditions.


The Company strongly recommends that The Client purchases travel insurance with cancellation cover.


The Company will not be held liable for any delays, loss, damage or expenses incurred by The Client if reservations must be altered or cancelled by The Company or if The Company is unable to perform its contractual obligations as a result of events beyond its reasonable control. In these circumstances The Company will refund monies received which correspond with the days on which occupation of the apartment was not possible and, as such, The Client could no longer be held liable for.


If The Company receives serious complaints or is made aware of any disputes between The Client and any third party, The Company reserves the right to terminate a stay without notice and without any right of refund.



The check-in process takes place at the apartment. In addition to verification that the financial administration is complete, The Client will be required to supply standard registration paperwork which includes a copy of the passport of every occupant and/or other valid identity card   as well as valid credit card details.


The check-in time is from 4:00 PM (16:00) to 11:00 PM (23:00). Early check-ins cannot be guaranteed unless The Client has booked it the night before arrival. For a late check-in after 11:00 PM (23:00) an additional fee of € 30 (inc. VAT) will be charged.


The latest check-out time on the day of departure is 11:00 AM (11:00). A check-out later than 11:00 AM is guaranteed if the night after departure has also been booked. The Client will incur an additional day’s rent if delays occur vacating the apartment beyond the pre-agreed time.



Fair use / proper behavior

Rates include fair use of all utilities (electricity, heating, water, cable TV, Internet usage, etc). Excessive use of utilities will result in a surcharge being applied. Please ensure that all appliances, lighting, heating, hot water etc are turned off unless required.


The Client will be held liable for the correct and decent behavior of all the persons accompanying him/her. Should that person or any of the persons accompanying him/her not behave in a suitable and responsible way, The Company   is entitled to request The Client and the persons accompanying him/her to leave the apartment without the right to claim any type of compensation.


Please respect neighbors, particularly after 11:00 PM (23:00). In order to respect the neighbors, a “No Party Policy” is strictly enforced and The Company reserves the right to evict at any time guests who disturb the quiet enjoyment of others. Guests will be charged a fine of 250 EUR for every disturbance.



The Amsterdam apartment shall be cleaned prior to the arrival of The Client. When leaving, The Client is obliged to leave the apartment in clean condition. The Company is entitled to charge additional fees if the accommodation is not left in a clean condition.


The Company can arrange for the accommodation to be cleaned during a stay for an additional fee based on hourly rates.


Client is responsible for taking care of the apartment and all its contents.



Locked out charge is EUR 50 and will be deducted from the security deposit, unless stated otherwise by The Company. All keys must be returned upon departure. Failure to do so will incur a replacement fee of € 200 (inc. VAT) per set.



Pets are not allowed.


Facilities / Services

All apartments are fully furnished and include a kitchen equipped with appliances, cutlery, crockery, and kitchen utensils. The apartment is self-catering, although a limited amount of soap, dishwasher tablets, trash bags and toilet paper will be provided.



Smoking is not allowed and reason for immediate termination of stay. The fine for smoking inside the apartment is 200 EUR, this amount does not include reimbursement of costs/losses (cleaning curtains/linen/etc or loss of income) made as a result of smoking inside the apartment.


Number and identity of the guests

The number of occupants is limited to a maximum, which is indicated in each description. The Client will inform Company of the number of guests, name of all guests and their birthdates included within the booking, which may not exceed this number. Exceptions to this maximum cannot be made without the explicit consent of The Company. Each person in the group is obliged to show valid ID upon check in.



Complaints about shortcomings of the property must be reported to The Company without delay. Complaints reported at or after check out cannot cause any liability for The Company.



The owner/manager of the apartment, or authorized personnel, may at any time access the apartment for the purpose of inspection of the apartment, and to carry out, cleaning, repair or maintenance work. Client is not allowed to give access to others without prior explicit consent of The Company.




The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise as a consequence of The Client’s use of the apartment, including without limitation, damages, insurance, and losses because of fire, robbery or criminal behavior.


Except in the case of normal wear and tear Client is responsible for any damage to the apartment or its contents which has occurred due to the negligence, willful default or irresponsible behavior on the part of The Client or those occupying the apartment or their guests.


The Client is liable for loss of income of The Company as a result of damage caused by The Client.


Any damage must be reported to Company by Client, without delay. Client may be held liable for consequent damages caused by any delay in reporting initial damage to The Company.



The Company will not be liable for any delay, loss, damage or expenses incurred if a booking needs to be altered or cancelled or is unable to perform its contractual obligations as a result of events beyond the reasonable control of The Company, which shall include but not be limited to events such as war, civil strife, terrorist activity, labor disputes, natural or man-made disaster, fire, flood, and adverse weather conditions. No exceptions can be made in any circumstances except if granted in writing by The Company. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to The Client’s goods or personal belongings kept at the accommodation.



For emergencies of any nature, please contact The Company forthwith at the following telephone number +31 6 4807 1037 or send email to


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