Arriving @ Authentic Jordaan

Arrival Information for Sonnenberg Canal Apartments

When you have booked one of our apartments it is important for us to know your Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) the apartment. That way we can welcome you at the apartment, and give you a explanation of the apartment and its surrounding areas. Below you will find information concerning most methods of arriving at the apartment, please read carefully and if possible print it and to take with you prior to heading towards Amsterdam.

Once on your way to Amsterdam, you may experience some delays, or you may even arrive earlier than the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) you provided us with. Also sometimes it is difficult to give a proper Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) when there is still a lot of time before your arrival date.

In brief, four rules to guarantee an EASY CHECK IN;

–       Send us your Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) at least one week before arrival

–       Add your flight information if travelling by air

–       Keep us update of your Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) when it changes

–       Call 30 minutes before you arrive at the door of the apartment!

General Travel advice for Amsterdam Apartments

In general we advise all groups of 4-8 persons to always use a taxi to get from the airport to anywhere within Amsterdam. A taxi will get you from the airport to the apartment’s front door in around 30 minutes for 30 -55 EUR depending on type of taxi. This comes down to 6 – 10 EUR per person, which is not much more then the costs for public transport per person (6,50 EUR). Taking a taxi will give you 1 to 1.5 hours of extra time, and no stress of trying to find ones way around after a tiring flight.

Airport – Authentic Jordaan by Taxi

A taxi can be found at taxi stand of the airport (follow taxi signs at airport) and takes you in 25 to 35 minutes from Schiphol to front door of the apartment. The rates are either fixed in advance or based on whatever the meter in the taxi indicates. Cost for taxi’s at taxi stand are around 45 – 55 EUR.

It is also possible to arrange a taxi ride in advance. In the past guests at the Sonnenberg have used the following websites to reserve a taxi in advance; – SchipholTravelTaxi

Travelling to Authentic Jordaan by car

Amsterdam has not been designed and built for cars. This is especially the case for the centre of Amsterdam. The centre is difficult to navigate, and traffic is different if one is not used to sharing the small and narrow roads with a lot of cyclists, pedestrians, tourists, mopeds and scooters. We strongly recommend the use of car navigation equipment when driving to Binnen Wieringerstraat 5, 1013 EA, Amsterdam.

Once you have arrived at the apartment you have no need for your car anymore until the time you need to depart. There is car parking available on the streets of central Amsterdam for 45 EUR per 24 hours. Information about parking on the streets of Amsterdam can be found here.

BEST OPTION: There is also a garage close to Centraal Station that has affordable rates (15 EUR per 24 hours); Oosterdok Parking in Amsterdam Centre. This is about 5 minutes walking from the Centraal Station, directions from there onwards to the apartment can be found below.

The fee for parking in most other garages in the centre of Amsterdam is 50-60 EUR per 24 hours. The closest one which has most spots is the parking “Amsterdam Centre” @ Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam. The entrance to this parking is at approximately Prins Hendrikkade 20. While driving east on this road enter garage under sign indicating “P Amsterdam Centre”.

We advise you to park outside the city centre of Amsterdam at P+R locations (8 EUR per 24 hours with a maximum of 96 hours). For the Authentic Jordaan one of the following locations is the easiest;

P + R Sloterdijk @ Piarcoplein 1, 1043 DW, AMSTERDAM. This is located along the A10, take exit S102 and follow signs to P + R Sloterdijk. From here you can take a train to Centraal Station, follow directions from Centraal Station Centraal Station – Authentic Jordaan by FOOT in the section below.

P + R Noord @ Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 25, AMSTERDAM. This is located along the A10 on the north side of the city, exit S116. From here you can take southbound Metro 52 Zuid directly to Centraal Station (check walk routes from Centraal Station Centraal Station – Authentic Jordaan by FOOT).

Easiest is to use navigation up to the point where you see the signs indicating P + R Sloterdijk.

Once you arrive at the parking, proceed and park it. Then proceed to the little house, which is the P+R Loket, where you can apply for low rates and get public transport tickets. You can find information about cheap (8 EUR per 24 hours) parking here. Please do check out the link as the offer requires specific action that goes beyond just getting the car there.

From that location you can take any train heading to “Amsterdam CS (Centraal Station). There are trains departing in that directions every 5 minutes and these bring you to Centraal Station in around 6-7 minutes. Please check the section “Centraal Station – Authentic Jordaan by FOOT” on how to get from the station to the apartment.

Public Transport

All public transport information can be accessed via 9292ov or by downloading the 9292ov PRO app onto your smart phone. Make sure to double check your telephony plan for use of internet abroad. It is advisable to turn off data roaming if internet abroad is not included in your plan. Please note that 9292ov assumes you are already in possession of a public transport card with a balance. You can buy this card for 7,50 EUR and need to load it with 20 EUR before you can use it on a train. A card can only be used by one person at the same time.

Airport – City by Train

Schiphol Airport train station uses flexible planning, so trains for Amsterdam Centraal Station (CS) depart from track 1 and 2. These two tracks are on opposing sides of the same platform, double check that you are getting onto a train headed for Amsterdam Centraal Station (CS). 3,80 EUR per person for 12 years and up, 2,50 EUR for 4 – 11 years, free for 0 – 3 years. Please note that High Speed FYRA trains have additional costs.

Arriving at Centraal Station

When arriving on Centraal Station there is the option to continue to the apartment by foot, by tram, or by taxi. In any case one should leave the stations on the city side (not on the water side). See the map of Centraal Station for location of tram-stops, Information desks and taxi-stand.


Centraal Station – Authentic Jordaan by TAXI

The apartment is so close to Centraal Station that it is not cost efficient to pay 20 EUR for a 2 minute taxi ride where you can walk in about 7 minutes

Centraal Station – Authentic Jordaan by TRAM or METRO

There is no practical tram-route or metro-route that takes one closer to the apartment than one already is when arriving at Centraal Station.

Each person can buy a one-hour ticket in the tram itself for 2,70 EUR. Alternatively you can purchase this ticket at the GVB ticketshop (see map Centraal Station) or get passes for 24 hours – 7,50 EUR, 48 hours – 12,00 EUR, 72 hours – 16,00 EUR or 96 hours – 20,50 EUR.

More information on how to travel with public transport inside Amsterdam.

Please note that free transport is also included in the IAmsterdam card.

Centraal Station – Authentic Jordaan by FOOT

Leave Centraal Station on the city side (not on the water side), this is heading towards track 1, and the trams and taxi’s. When leaving the station (1) walk past the taxi stand and towards the bicycle parking (2) and bicycle parking tower (3). Keep heading straight along the bicycle parking tower (3). After the bicycle parking tower turn left onto a pedestrian/bicycle bridge (4) at the other end of the bridge turn right and then left into the tunnel (5). Make sure to stay on the sidewalk as walking on the bicycle lane can lead to painful collisions as those lanes are the domain of cyclists. After the tunnel (6) look towards the right across the bridge and head towards the building (7) with the cheese (fromage / kaas) shop in it. Keep this building on your right as you head straight, into the street (Haarlemmerstraat) to its left. Keep heading straight until you see “coffeeshop popeye” at number 63 on your left. Turn left here into the Binnen Wieringerstraat. Authentic Jordaan apartment (9) is at number 5 is on your left (next to Bike rental), pull the doorbell (out) on the right side of the door to get noticed.

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